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Jean-Michel Comte 

Jean-Michel Comte was born in 1975 in Nice, France. He lives and works in Geneva, Switzerland.

The provençal light of the countryside around Nice has been a constant inspiration for him. He began studying visual arts in 1994 at the Villa Thiole in Nice, then at the Toulon Beaux-Arts from 1996 to 2000. There followed a three-years course at HEAD Genève in Peter Roesch and Albertine Zullo's atelier. From 2017 to 2020, he moved his atelier into the Taulan Art Factory in Montreux. He's now based in Geneva. 


Jean-Michel Comte's work is gestural and instinctive.​ He captures the immediacy of a gesture.

​His work is rooted in turbulent inner experiences, emotions and specific memories which he transcends and transforms into hidden writings, scribbles, pulsing outlines and spattered figures.

Jean-Michel Comte's drawings are wrought from the ink of the shadows, revealing all the naked complexity of art. A self-created language, a reconstructed reality, organized savagery" Céline Muzelle, 2019

​"I cover the sheets, I saturate them, I scratch them, I retouch and rework things all the time. I am expressive and repressive. I uncover things and I cover things up". 

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